Magherally Masonic Hall

An Occasional Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down was held at Magherally on October 2, 1926, at four o’clock p.m., for the purpose of Consecrating and Dedicating a new Hall. The Provincial Grand Lodge assembled in the old Hall and opened on the first degree with the following officers:

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Past Master's Jewel

To be elected the Master of a Lodge is the highest honour the Lodge has in its power to confer on any of its members. When the Master’s period of office is completed he is presented with a Past Masters’ Jewel by the members of the Lodge, as a mark of esteem of his dedication and service to the Lodge over the past year.

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Roll of Honour

Displayed on a board in the Lodge room are the names, rank and Regiment of those members of Lodge 203 who fought in the two great wars. This board was erected in recognition of the service that they gave.

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Half Yearly Return

Originally returns from a Lodge were made to Grand Lodge half yearly; this is now done on an annual basis. In the month of October the Lodge elects its officers for the ensuing year and the return is forwarded to Grand Lodge in Dublin for their approval. Failure to make this annual return can result in a fine or suspension of the Warrant. Shown left is the return for Lodge 203 in 1832.

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History of Warrant No. 203 (Originally 801)

History of Warrant No. 203      

The Warrant was first Issued to brethren in Dublin on the 6th December 1749.

On the 6th April, 1809 a Memorial from Brs. Robert D. Mason of Lodge 489; Jas. Fox of Lodge 478 and John Bell of Lodge 428 praying a Warrant to hold a Lodge in the Corps attached to the Commissariat Department Head Quarters. The Warrant was reissued to Robert Dawson Mason, Jas. Fox and John Bell to hold a Lodge in the Commisariat Corps, 6 April 1809. A total of 15 brethren were registered up to the 3rd January, 1815 and on that date the Warrant was returned to Grand Lodge.

On the 2nd of April 1818 the Warrant was reissued to Wm. Ross, And. Thompson and John Simonton (all from Lodge 801) to form a Lodge in Magherally, Banbridge, Co. Down, , in lieu of Warrant 801.

The Lodge will celebrate 200 years in 2014.

History of Warrant No. 801.

The Warrant was issued on the 2nd October 1794 to Bros. Wm. Donaldson, Geo. Coyle and Michael. Geraghty to hold a Lodge in Leixlip Co. Kildare.

Reissued to Bros. Sam Birkmore; John Williamson and Isaiah Moat in Craigarogan, Mallusk, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, 5 November 1807. This was exchanged for Warrant No.824.

3 March, 1814 – Read a Memorial from Br. Robt. Brown, 943, Thos. Mulligan, 372 and John Darby, 943, praying for a Warrant to hold a Lodge in Magherally, Co. Down.  Granted [801]

Reissued on the 3rd October1957 to Bros. William J. Porter, GPO Official (539); Newton Compton, Executive Officer (726) and George D. Compton, Clerk (726) to form "Eros Lodge" in the Masonic Hall, Crumlin Road, Belfast. Unfortunately the Lodge returned its Warrant in 2007.