Magherally Masonic Hall

An Occasional Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down was held at Magherally on October 2, 1926, at four o’clock p.m., for the purpose of Consecrating and Dedicating a new Hall. The Provincial Grand Lodge assembled in the old Hall and opened on the first degree with the following officers:

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Past Master's Jewel

To be elected the Master of a Lodge is the highest honour the Lodge has in its power to confer on any of its members. When the Master’s period of office is completed he is presented with a Past Masters’ Jewel by the members of the Lodge, as a mark of esteem of his dedication and service to the Lodge over the past year.

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Roll of Honour

Displayed on a board in the Lodge room are the names, rank and Regiment of those members of Lodge 203 who fought in the two great wars. This board was erected in recognition of the service that they gave.

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Half Yearly Return

Originally returns from a Lodge were made to Grand Lodge half yearly; this is now done on an annual basis. In the month of October the Lodge elects its officers for the ensuing year and the return is forwarded to Grand Lodge in Dublin for their approval. Failure to make this annual return can result in a fine or suspension of the Warrant.

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Past Masters of Magherally Masonic Lodge No. 203

2017 V. Shields 2016 W.Bro. R. Reid 2015 W.Bro. R. Reid
2014 D.T.O. Shields 2013 W.Bro. V. Shields 2012 W.Bro. T. Brown
2011 W.Bro. R. Reid 2010 W.Bro. B. Green 2009 W.Bro. D.S. Bell
2008 W.Bro. T. Brown 2007 W.Bro. A. McCreery 2006 W.Bro. W. Ward
2005 W.Bro. S. Arlow 2004 W.Bro. S. Thompson 2003 W.Bro. B. Green
2002 W.Bro. W. Gibson 2001 W.Bro. E.G. Sterritt 2000 W.Bro. S. Magill
1999 W.Bro. D. Singer 1998 W.Bro. T. Shields 1997 W.Bro. D.T.O. Shields
1996 W.Bro. D. Singer 1995 W.Bro. D.V. Shields 1994 W.Bro. S.G. Topping
1993 W.Bro. B. Gray 1992 W.Bro. J. Arlow 1991 W.Bro. J. Hamilton
1990 W.Bro. J. McCready 1989 W.Bro. N. Bell 1988 W.Bro. D. Chambers
1987 W.Bro. J. Cantley 1986 W.Bro. J. Woods 1985 W.Bro. C. Shanks
1984 W.Bro. R. Arlow 1983 W.Bro. H.J. McClory 1982 W.Bro. P. McKee
1981 W.Bro. R. McMaster 1980 W.Bro. R. Mulligan 1979 W.Bro. R. Dale
1978 W.Bro. D.A. Miskimmons 1977 W.Bro. N.J.S. Curran 1976 W.Bro. T. Steenson
1975 W.Bro. P.L. Hamilton 1974 W.Bro. W. McCoy 1973 W.Bro. J. Carson
1972 W.Bro. N. Dougan 1971 W.Bro. A. Smyth 1970 W.Bro. S. Davison
1969 W.Bro. S. Dougan 1968 W.Bro. T. Shiels 1967 W.Bro. W. Hopkins
1966 W.Bro. M. Shields 1965 W.Bro. F. Finlay 1964 W.Bro. A. Carson
1963 W.Bro. J. Cunningham 1962 W.Bro. J. Henderson 1961 W.Bro. J. Jackson
1960 W.Bro. S. Toppind 1959 W.Bro. T. Hopkins 1958 W.Bro. A. Witherow
1957 W.Bro. J. Campbell 1956 W.Bro. W.J. Collins 1955 W.Bro. R. McDowell