Magherally Masonic Hall

An Occasional Meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Down was held at Magherally on October 2, 1926, at four o’clock p.m., for the purpose of Consecrating and Dedicating a new Hall. The Provincial Grand Lodge assembled in the old Hall and opened on the first degree with the following officers:

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Past Master's Jewel 1934

To be elected the Master of a Lodge is the highest honour the Lodge has in its power to confer on any of its members. When the Master’s period of office is completed he is presented with a Past Masters’ Jewel by the members of the Lodge, as a mark of esteem of his dedication and service to the Lodge over the past year.

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Roll of Honour

Displayed on a board in the Lodge room are the names, rank and Regiment of those members of Lodge 203 who fought in the two great wars. This board was erected in recognition of the service that they gave.

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Half Yearly Return

Originally returns from a Lodge were made to Grand Lodge half yearly; this is now done on an annual basis. In the month of October the Lodge elects its officers for the ensuing year and the return is forwarded to Grand Lodge in Dublin for their approval. Failure to make this annual return can result in a fine or suspension of the Warrant. Shown left is the return for Lodge 203 in 1832.

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2016 Officers of Magherally Lodge No. 203

Office     Name  
Worshipful Master W.Bro.   Raymond Reid  
Senior Warden W.Bro.   Simon Arlow  
Junior Warden W.Bro.   Sam Bell  
Treasurer W.Bro.   Nigel Bell  
Secretary W.Bro.   Terry Shields PPGS  
Director of Ceremonies W.Bro.   Bobby Gray  
Steward of Charities W.Bro.   Alistair McCreery PPGS  
Almoner W.Bro.   Bob Green PPGS  
Chaplain W.Bro.   Victor Shields  
Senior Deacon W.Bro.   Alfred Gamble  
Junior Deacon W.Bro.   Eric Crossan  
Inner Guard W.Bro.   Jack Arlow  
Rep to the Board of G.P. of the P.G.L. of Down W.Bro.   Jim Woods  
Rep to the Down Masonic Widows Fund W.Bro.   Edward Sterritt  
Rep to the Banbridge Committee of Inspection W.Bro.   Bob Green  
Representatives of the Banbridge Charity Committee W.Bros   Bob Green, Alistair McCreery  
Auditors W.Bros   Raymond Reid, Tom Shields  
General Purposes Committee All Past Masters and current Lodge Officers  
The Office of Worshipful Master is the highest honour to which a Lodge may appoint any of its members, the office is filled annually by election. At the conclusion of his term in office, a Worshipful Master is termed a Past Master.