Officers of Magherally Chapter 203 - 2018

Excellent King V. Ex. Comp. D. McCormick DGDoC V.W.M.  
High Priest     Comp. G. Wright S.W.  
Chief Scribe     Comp. J. Magno J.W.  
Treasurer V. Ex. Comp. N. Smith Tre  
Registrar   Ex. Comp. N. Fairley PDGS Sec  
Director of Ceremonies   Ex. Comp. S. Bell D.O.C.  
Almoner V. Ex. Comp. J. Arlow PDGCoH    
Chaplain   Ex. Comp. J. Copes Chaplain  
Captain of the Host     Comp. A. Gamble M.O.  
Supt. of the Tabernacle   Ex. Comp. D. Bingham    
Royal Arch Captain     Comp. F. Givero S.O.  
Capt. of the Scarlet Veil     Comp. R. Gray J.O.  
Capt. of the Purple Veil     Comp. J. Bingham S.D.  
Capt. of the Blue Veil     Comp. T. Jones J.D.  
Janitor     Comp. A. Thompson Inner Guard
Rep to the Board of General Purposes M. Ex. Comp. J. Copes    
Rep to Inspection Committee   Ex. Comp. S. Bell    
Rep to D.M.W.F.   Ex. Comp S. Bell    
Rep to Banbridge Charity Committee   Ex. Comp. V. Shields    
Rep to Banbridge Charity Committee V. Ex. Comp. A. Ferris DDGK    
Auditor V. Ex. Comp. N. Fairley PDGS    
Auditor   Ex. Comp. T. Shields