Grand and District Honours of Magherally Chapter 203

Year   Name Rank    
2017 R. Ex. Comp. Alan Ferris District Deputy Grand King
2017   Ex. Comp. A. McCreery District Grand Janitor
2013 V. Ex. Comp. Alan Ferris District Grand Steward
2005 V. Ex. Comp. Jack Arlow District Captain of the Host
1999 V. Ex. Comp. Norman Fairley District Grand Steward
1992 V. Ex. Comp. David Miskimmons District Grand Inspector
1985 R. Ex. Comp. R. McDowell District Grand High Priest
2016 V. Ex. Comp. Desmond McCormick Grand Captain of the Purple Veil
  R. Ex. Comp. James Copes Grand Sword Bearer  
  Honorary Member      
  M. Ex. Comp. W. Houston Past Grand Director of Ceremonies